Research-Based Preparation of a World Giftedness Center


Research-Based Preparation of a World Giftedness Center

The WGC Development Consortium will work together to lay the institutional, technical, scientific, and didactic groundwork that will constitute the WGC when it is opened to the world in late 2021. Consisting of scientists, educators, and IT experts, the WGC Development Consortium will create the end-user content and the networks of specialists from around the world that will be necessary for the WGC to serve the world according to the vision described below. During the preparatory phase, the WGC Development Consortium will seek out the support and involvement of myriad local, regional, and international organizations and bodies to ensure that its work is both informed by and highly relevant to the needs of its future beneficiaries: the world’s individuals with all of their unique potentials for excellence.


The desire for excellence is deeply human, and the need for humanity to achieve as much excellence as possible has never been more acute. The pursuit of excellence is both a matter of personal human fulfillment and an existential necessity for the world.

The cultivation of excellence must take place everywhere and be an option for everyone. In particular, members of the world’s less materially fortunate societies and groups desperately need chances to pursue excellence and sound guidance on how to do so.

A new mindset that understands the cultivation of excellence as a fundamental educational need of all individuals—of all ages, in all circumstances, in all societies, and in all countries the world over—has the power to increase the pace of positive change in our world.

Our Objectives

The World Giftedness Center (WGC) will facilitate (a) more extensive and (b) more effective gifted education and talent support across all countries, cultures, and regions of the world. It seeks to catalyze a worldwide effort to cultivate the development of excellence for all individuals by …

  • Propagating a mindset of excellence cultivation for all and
  • Informing all stakeholders working to achieve excellence—of whatever kind—about how to do so most effectively in accordance with sound scientific findings and educational practices.

The long-term objective for the WGC is the establishment of an evidence-based informational and organizational hub for all stakeholders involved in the cultivation of excellence throughout the world.